Who Is Peter Demens?

Most members and friends of Russian Heritage know he is the Russian founder of St. Petersburg, FL. Find out more at the Demens program on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

Professor Bill Parsons will speak at 7:30 pm about Demens at a special meeting sponsored by SPIFFS (The St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Soviety) and Russian Heritage at the Sunshine Center Ballroom at 330 Fifth Street North in downtown St. Petersburg.

He will present the latest scholarly information about Demens, including a report on a new Russian biography about Peter Demens by Inna Povedskaya called VESEGONSKY AMERIKANETS.

In addition to the lecture there will be several musical numbers performed by a Russian Folk Instruments Ensemble, including a balalaika, a domra, and a bass domra. Refreshments will also be available.

A donation of $5 is suggested for adults; $2 for students and youth.

We encourage members and friends of Russian Heritage to come to this special program, and invite your friends.

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