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Sister Cities Off to a New Beginning Read Now Sister cities St. Petersburg, Florida, and Saint Petersburg, Russia, were finally reunited through a program organized by Russian Heritage Organization (Saint Petersburg, Florida), the Open World Leadership Center (Washington D.C.) and the University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida). Victory Day &
Mother’s Day Celebration
Read Now We celebrated the Victory of World WarII remembering soldiers and their families, who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Russia in 1945.

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Another very special event took place on Nov 4th. This time it was hosted by Victor Peppard, one of the founding members of RH, former President and by chance a birthday boy. There was the synergy of a talented performance, hearty traditional Russian food, and positive, supportive and enthusiastic guests. A very special present came from Elena Ostrovskaya who gave us a taste of songs from different eras. We were all enthralled by her phenomenal voice and expression that came from her heart. Everyone is looking for more cultural and educational events, organized by RH


On Nov 4th RH is hosting a very fun and creative event. A group of amateur artists is presenting a spin-off of the Tale of Tzar Saltan, based on today’s realia. We are offering authentic Russian appetizers, a glass of wine, tea and coffee. Entrance fee is $25.00


A wonderful multi-cultural Festival SPIFFS took place on October 19th, 20th and 21st with music, food, creative arts and crafts, dancers, singers and games. Volunteers representing different cultures from around the world created the atmosphere of peace, joy and unity. Thanks, RH board members Tatiana Roney, Anastasia Farkas, Zhanna Thomas, Natalya Halprin, Zhenya Davenport, Janna Velez and Corey Jane for all your hard work. Your Blini were unraveled and you were stunningly beautiful !!! Special thanks to Mary Stenov for sharing Russian culture with children and adults for many years


Our discussion of The Master and Margarita novel by Bulgakov turned out to be a remarkable event. Troy Peterson opened it with the songs Sympathy for the Devil in Disguise by Rolling Stones that resonated perfectly with the theme of the discussion and set the right tone to it. Zhenya Davenport led the discussion. Zhenya has been a board member of Russian Heritage for many years and also served as its secretary. She is doing a PhD in English at USF and teaches Russian, Spanish and English classes. Zhenya’s profound knowledge of the Bulgakov’s novel and Russian literature on the whole made the discussion really stimulating. So many people contributed their own thoughts and interpretations. As the guests were leaving, the most common comment was “we should do it more often “. Russian Heritage will sure do its best to continue with this tradition.

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A Look into Russian History and Culture

``The Contribution of the People of Russia to World Culture and Civilization``<br /> by the Russian Artist, Ilya Glazunov 1930-2017<br /> http://glazunov.ru/en/art/monumental-works/works/67-the-contribution-of-the-people-of-the-ussr-to-world-culture-and-civilization

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