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February 1, 2020  Russian Heritage Winter Ball

November 2019. 45th Annual Folk Fair, For Sister Cities, Is Being Updated

April.2019.  Annual Meeting. Poetry: 2 St. Petersburgs.  SPIFFS International Ball.  Balalaika Concert.

February.2019.  Krylov postponed. 75th Anniversary of End of Leningrad Siege: Proclamation.

January.2019.  Winter Ball Announcement.  Krylov Program Announcement.

September.2008December.2018.   Winter Ball Announcement. Turgenev, Solzhenitsyn, Krylov.

November.2018.    Turgenev Program.  SPIFFS.

October.2018.  SPIFFS Announcement.  Turgenev Program Announcement.

September.2018.   Upcoming Events.

 April.2018.  Annual Meeting/Shashlik Picnic.  SPIFFS International Ball.

March.2018.  Annual Meeting.  A Gentleman in Moscow Discussion.  

February.2018. Report on Winter Ball. Spring Events.

January.2018.   Winter Ball and Upcoming Events.

December.2017. Winter Ball Announcement.

October.2017. Remembering Yevtushenko. Upcoming: Folk Fair. Winter Ball.

September.2017.  Fall Events. Programs on Anniversary of Russian Revolution.

Summer.2017.  Annual Meeting report. Plans for Fall Events.

May.2017.  New Officers. Tribute to Yevtushenko. Krasavtseva CD.

December.2016.  Invitation to Winter Ball. Yolochka 2017. Fall Review. Domra.

October.2016. Folk Fair. Krasavtseva Concert. Winter Ball 2017.

September.2016. The Two St. Petersburgs. Fall Programs 2016.

August.2016.     Student Reports on Travel.  Leningrad to St. Petersburg: 25 Years Later.

MayJune.2016.  New Members of Board of Directors.

April.2016.   Announcement of Annual Meeting.  Scholarship Program.  SPIFFS International Ball.

March.2016.  Tsygankov Concert.  Vladimir Malkin.

February.2016. Report on Gala 2016; Domra Concert in March.

November.2015.  Report on SPIFFS 2015; Invitation to Gala 2016.

Fall.2015.  SPIFFS 2015; Reports; Pushkin’s Top Ten.

September.2015.  September 20; Pushkin, Putin, Parsons; Postcards.

Summer 2015.  New Officers; End of WWII; Cultural News.

February.2015.  Siberia; Maslennitsa; Pictures from Gala.

January.2015.  Invitation to Gala.  Pictures from Yolochka.

December.2014.  Pictures from SPIFFS. Invitations to Yolochka and Gala.

September.2013.  Travel Reports. Poetry.  Boris and Sax.

July.2013. Balalaika and Domra Association Concert in Sarasota.  Golden Gate Dancers in St. Pete Beach.

December.2009. RH Talent Show. Volskaya and Trofimov in January. Cultural News: Gogol, Yevtushenko, Solzhenitsyn, Bulgakov, Tolstoy.

November.2009. “Spirit of St. Petersburg” Duo to Folk Fair and St. Petersburg Nights.

September.2009. SPIFFS Folk Fair Moves to Fall. Cultural News: Mikhalkov, Khokhloma, Gogol, Brodsky, Solzhenitsyn, and Pushkin Heirs.

Summer.2009.  RH Picnic. Guy Hoagland: Poet. Whitman and Pushkin Statues.  Kuttler Receives Medals.

April.2009. In Memory: Tatiana Vondersaar. SPIFFS: Wonders of Russia, “Barynya”, Director of Russian Cultural Center.

February.2009.  Povedskya Presents Biography of Demens. Photos From Winter Ball. New Patriarch.

January.2009.  Winter Ball. Alexander Nevsky Considered “Greatest” in Russian Poll.

November.2008.  RH Talent Show. Zakuski Competition.

September.2008. Congratulations to Russian American Community. RH Cookbook.

June.2008. Adam Colby Reports From Russia. Who are the Doukhobors?

May.2008. RH Picnic in Odessa.  SPIFFS: March 2008 (Living Statue).  Arkhiglas Concert.

March.2008. Old Russian New Year Photo Report: Gypsies. Nick White Scholarship Fund.

December.2007. Missing.

October-November.2007. Russian Doctor Report. “Russian-American Idol”.  Nick White-II.

September.2007. Russian Doctor to Speak.  Nick White in Russia. Saying Goodbye to My Library.

May.2007. RH Male Quartet: 3 performances. RH Picnic in Odessa. Russian Dog Breeds.

April.2007. Photo Report of SPIFFS. Russian Dogs Quiz.

March.2007. Russian Dogs at SPIFFS.  Russian Dog Show. Russian Blue (cat).

February.2007. Musical Spring for RH.  Winter Ball Report. Red Square Now.

January.2007. Winter Ball at Trade Winds. Sokolsky Dies at 103.  Photo Report of RH Cruise.

November.2006.  “Vladimir’s Collection” Opens in New Location.  RH Cookbook?

October.2006. Susan Haig Highlights Fall Meeting. RH Honors Van Cliburn. Onegin Discussion and Film.

September.2006. Florida Orchestra/Van Cliburn Play Russian Classics.  “Russian Life” Begins Year 50.

Summer.2006.  Exciting Plans for the Fall of 2006.  Vesegonsk and Demens.

May.2006. Parsons Retires from Eckerd College.  Youth Representative Graduates.  Annual Meeting at St. Petersburg Nights Restaurant.

April-May.2006. RH Tennis Tournament. Report on “March Madness” by Press and (V).

March.2006.  “March Madness”. Musical Ambassadors: Dmitry and Ekaterina. Yevtushenko at Studio@620 and Eckerd College. RH Program at the Palladium. SPIFFS.

February.2006. Tatiana Vondersaar and Margo Catsimatidis Honored at Winter Ball (with photos). Caucasian Ovcharka.  Russian Samoyeds Champions in Tampa.

December-January.2006.  Results of “Salon” and RH Language Contest.

November.2005.  “Salon” Talent Show.  St. Petersburg Nights Restaurant Opens.

October.2005.  Judges and Report of RH Ambassadors to Russia (V).  RH Language Contest. Ellochka.

August-September.2005.  Russian Judges Visit.  Nine Versions of Evgeny Onegin (4 stanzas).

June-July.2005. Six American Students to Russia. The Year in Review and Thanks.

April-May.2005. Films about WWII. Beslan Aid Report. Russian Holidays. SPIFFS at Tropicana.

March.2005. Siege Conferences. Proclamation and Press.  St. Petersburg Balalaika Trio.

February.2005. Children of the Siege: Ilya & Ella Fonyakov, Lidia Bobrovskaya, Irena Nemchonok, and Faina Blagodarova.

January.2005. Three Conferences on Siege of Leningrad. Siberian Husky.

November.2004. Student Ambassadors: Natasha and Maria (photos). Films. Russian Wolfhound.

September-October.2004.  Beslan. Honorary Consul. Sister Churches. Samoyed.

August-September.2004.  More anecdotes and proverbs. Where is Tver? Black Russian Terrier.

June.2004. Winners of Russian Anecdote and Proverb Contests.

May.2004. Folk Fair, Ambassadors, and Persons of the Year: Baker and Kuttler (V). New Ambassadors.

April.2004. Violetta’s Report (V): Folk Fair and Ambassadors.

March.2004. Musical Ambassadors: Kristina and Ekaterina.  RH joins SPIFFS.

February.2004. Film series: Russian Arc, Oligarch.  Contributions to Ambassadors Fund.

November.2003. Russian Odyssey at Florida International Museum.  Sokolsky turns 100.

October.2003. Student Ambassadors: Polina and Dina. Russian Cosmonaut. Report on Summer 2003.

September.2003. Student Ambassadors Coming. Media Coverage of Two St. Petersburg.  Two St. Petersburgs Symposium in Russia.

April-May.2003. Kuttler, City Delegation, and Eckerd Delegations to Russia. Poetry Contest Winners.

March.2003. 300/100 Events. Two St. Petersburgs Symposium at Eckerd College.

February.2003. Ambassadors: Kate and Dasha. Namesake Cities Exhibit. Winter Ball Highlights.  SPIFFS Salutes 2 St. Petersburgs.

January.2003. 300/100 Events.  Peter the Great at the Winter Ball. Meinke’s poem for 300/100. In Memory: Bruce Beery and Nicholas Milin.

November.2002. Upcoming Events. Vera Olshevsky.

October.2002. Florida Slavonic Choir. RH: Who are We?  Upcoming 2003.

September.2002. Tania Vondersaar Honored. 2003 Celebrations. Two St. Petes: Similarities.  BDAA: Balalaikas.   Sokolsky, Margo Catsimatidis.

April-May.2002.  Planning for 2003 Events.

March.2002.  Joint Announcement for 300/100.

February.2002.  Photo report and summary for Winter Ball.

January.2002.  Old Russian New Year!

October.2001. Film Festival: 4 Films.  September Meeting. Upcoming Events.

September.2001. Russian cultural events: Music and Ballet. RH By-Laws: 2001.

June.2001. Demens. Concerts. Cold War. T. Vondersaar. V. Beery.

May.2001.  Picnic at Ft. Desoto. Story by Irena Nemchonok, with translation by J. Stokes.

March.2001. Two Exhibits at Florida International Museum on Cold War. Cold War Forum.

February.2001. Russian Heritage Ensemble. RH Sponsors Program in Washington, DC. New Russian National Anthem.

January.2001.  Happy New Year!

December.2000. Holiday RH Party in Bradenton. RH Support of Russian Cultural Center in DC.

November.2000.  RH History: 5 Years. Demens Exhibit in Russia. Proceedings of Demens Symposium. Vondersaar replaces Kuttler as President.

September.2000. RH Concert Series at SPJC.

August.2000.  New President C. Kuttler at SPJC.

June.2000. Demens at History Museum.  Reports: President Parsons and Board Chair Espinola-Beery.

May.2000. Museum Exhibit.  Peter Demens Symposium.

April.2000. Peter Demens Anniversary.  Historical Marker.

March.2000. Songfest. Spring SPIFFS Folk Fair.

February.2000. Concert. Yevtushenko. Upcoming Events.

January.2000. Yevtushenko at Winter Ball.  Poetry Reading.  Yolochka.

November.1999. Pushkin/Tchaikovsky Film Festival. Yevtushenko.

October.1999. Two Film Festivals.  Language Corner.

Sept.1999. Pushkin Day CDs. Peter Demens and Demens Landing.

June.1999. Pushkin Day: Proclamation, Program, Newspaper.  Annual Meeting.

May.1999. Preparations for Pushkin Day: June 6, 1999.

April.1999. RH Songfest. Peter Demens Exhibit in Russia.  Information about Pushkin,

February.1999.  SPIFFS Spring Folk Fair. Blini.

January.1999.  Old Russian New Year.  Nativity Icon.  Tchaikovsky lecture.

November.1998.  Anniversaries for St. Andrew’s Church and Russian American Club. Russian Film Festival.

October.1998.  Program on Russian Orthodox Church.  Preparations for Film Festival.

September.1998.  Upcoming Events for the Year.


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