Understanding the Russians: Pushkin or Putin?

Understanding the Russians: Pushkin or Putin?  

A Lecture by Bill Parsons, Professor Emeritus of History and Russian Studies, Eckerd College

7:00 p.m. – Miller Auditorium
Eckerd College
4200 54th Avenue South,
St. Petersburg, Florida


Professor Parsons taught at Eckerd College from 1966—2006 in History and Russian Studies.

He will present reflections on his 50 years in the field of Russian Studies.

Learn the “top ten” list of the most important things to know about Pushkin.

Pushkin was among the top ten most important and influential Russians according to a recent internet poll   of Russians.  Find out if he ranked higher or lower than Putin.

 Find out why Pushkin (and Putin) have been important in the life of Professor Parsons.

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