Author: Russian Heritage

Searching for Talents to perform in a Variety Show! Do you like to dance, sing, play a musical instrument, read poetry? Do you feel a strong connection to Russia or other cultures of the former Soviet Block? Share your talent with other Russian-Speaking members of our community!

At the Annual Meeting of Russian Heritage (May 6 at the “St. Petersburg Nights” Russian Restaurant) Vladimir Malkin was elected to a two-year term as Chairman of the Board. Nadia Yevstigneyeva, President; Mary Stenov, Vice President; and Gene Stenov, Treasurer will co

At 4:00 pm a short reception with wine and cheese. Business meeting at 4:30, with election of officers and annual reports. Nadia Yevstigneyeva has one more year to serve as president, Mary Stenov has one more year as vice-president, and Gene Stenov has one more year as treasurer.

Meet live champions representing the powerful Black Russian Terrier, the graceful Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound), the beautiful white Samoyed, and the stately Siberian Husky, and hear stories concerning their backgrounds in Russian literature and culture. There will also be one amazi

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